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DOT: 3475743
MC: 1139083-B
Licensed Moving Broker DOT: 3475743 MC: 1139083-B

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Safe Ship Moving Services is a premier broker founded in 2020 that has rapidly grown to be one of the providers for relocation services in Florida. What started as a small company is now a developing enterprise that has provided carriers with over 17 million in jobs in the current year alone. We spend 130k weekly on the best leads in the game, 20k on a dedicated customer service team, and 10k in dispatch . What we spend is nothing compared to what we intend to produce. Since the beginning our mission at Safe Ship has been to not only become the largest provider of moving service for homeowners throughout the nation, but also to be known for our commitment to customer satisfaction and service. Our company facilitates relocation services of all sizes, no move is too small or large. 

Become a Safe Ship Agent

Safe Ship Moving Services is becoming a leader in the relocation marketplace. When you become a Safe Ship Moving Agent, you will have certain advantages over your competitors.

The benefits of working with Safe Ship Moving Services include the following:

  • Being part of an industry leader that is also a household name known for reliable movers and moving services
  • The support you need for your business to succeed — including operational, marketing, and technical support.
  • Excellent proprietary systems and technology
  • Competitive contracts across the industry
  • Steadfast dedication to quality and proven performance — so we consistently meet or exceed your customers’ expectations

What We Offer

In addition to our wonderfully priced jobs we also offer services to make our carrier/customer experience seamless. We have a dedicated customer service team to assist with bumps at pickup, etas, delivery updates, de-escalation and generally any customer contact that will be needed both before or after pickup. We maintain one of the best call rooms to make sure our carriers receive quality service anytime assistance is needed from us (the broker).


Our jobs are priced based on the cost of living. As gas prices, supply cost and labor cost increase, so does our rates. For example a mini pickup in the northeast in January 2020 was priced at $3 per cubic foot, In January 2022 our mini pickups in a nearby city was priced at $4.75 per cubic foot. In the Northwest a mini job out of Spokane in January 2020 was priced at $4.50, in January 2022 $7 per cubic foot. In addition We also add in fees for any packing services, bulky items, abnormal access conditions, or additional services prior to pickup to avoid surprises at the pickup making it a seamless process for our carriers. We use our carrier tariffs to assist in pricing to assure all parties involved get paid well for their services

What this means ….

Not only does this chart depict our steadfast dedication and proven  growth in just the past 2 years; it shows what the future holds for you working with Safe Ship Moving Services. We started out providing carriers just a few thousand dollars a month, Now we are producing millions of dollars monthly for the carriers in our network.


While we wish we could onboard everyone we do have strict parameters set to assure that only quality carriers are sent to our jobs. In order to gain load board access and to be a part of the team you will need to of course be a Licensed and insured motor carrier. We have a 409 agreement that must be completed prior to being added. Also we will need the following documents to complete your onboarding these documents may be sent to

We will need the following:

● Certificate of Insurance
● Drivers license for owner of the company
● Updated 2022 Bill of Lading
● Complete copy of tarif

Safe ship moving services


We’re a family run business with family values. Our values are what make Safe Ship Moving Services your best choice for your next cross country, out-of-state or long distance move.

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Veteran owned relocation services,

We’re a family run business with family values. Our values are what make Safe Ship Moving Services your best choice for your next cross country, out-of-state or long distance move.

DOT: 3475743 MC: 1139083-B
Please note that a properly licensed interstate broker, such as Safe Ship Moving Services, is not a motor carrier and will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier, whose charges will be determined by its published tariff. All estimated charges and final actual charges will be based upon the carrier’s tariff which is available for inspection from the carrier upon reasonable request. (*) 70% OFF on Tariff Rates.

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