Cancellation Policy

It has been disclosed that the fee collected by Safe Ship Moving Services is a broker fee. This is our fee for arranging a fully licensed/insured motor carrier to move/handle your household goods and possessions. The carrier charges will be paid C.O.D (unless arranged in advance to pay by credit or debit card) by you, the customer, to the independently owned carrier in two payments. The first half is due upon pickup and second half due upon delivery of your household goods at the intended destination address. Safe Ship Moving Services does not participate in the collection of carrier payment nor do we share in the proceeds of carrier charges. Once your payment is processed with us (required deposit amount) we will immediately have our dispatch department initiate the process of locating a licensed and insured carrier to transport your household goods.

You are aware that these are separate transactions between you and the assigned carrier that is a different business entity. Since our fee for service begins immediately, you understand and agree to our broker fee being non-refundable with no exceptions after 48 hours. All cancellation requests must be sent to within 48 hours of making payment. Should this agreement be cancelled by you after 48 hours and/or a carrier is assigned to your move, all services on behalf of Safe Ship Moving Services will be considered “services rendered” and there will be NO REFUND for our fee. You will not be eligible for a refund when canceling your move within 7 business days of your scheduled pick up date. The 48 hour cancellation window will be null and void. If the first scheduled pickup date is within 7 business days, then my deposit is non-refundable. For all orders cancelled after 48 hours, Safe Ship Moving Services can apply our non-refundable fee collected from you to any future move for a period of 12 months from the date of your original order. If the move is cancelled within 48 hours of being booked, Safe Ship Moving Services will keep 15% of the deposit for processing fees. By signing this cancellation policy you are agreeing to the statements within.