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Moving Out of State?

Whether you’re moving across  the country or dealing with a “long distance movebetween states, our professional long distance moving advisors bring expertise and personal attention to assist you in coordinating your move.
 We utilize a commitment to service when you go to new places. We will guide you with all you need for a secure and successful move for you and your family with one of the licensed movers in our network of carriers. 

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Customer Testimonials

Soojin Kim
The Best Movers For Me
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"It was not easy to schedule everything when you move, but they did perfect job to make my new home. Sergio, Alex and Sergio packed and moved everything so carefully, and set them up in my new place. I didn’t have to do anything without laughing and telling them where the items to go. Since they come from JustPro moving, I want to give the great review that this company arranged the best movers for me."
Natalya Semiletova
Very Professional.
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"Thank you for the good pick up and the delivery. All items turned in a good conditions and drivers where very professional."
Ethan Glogau
Helpful And Efficient
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"Ali and Omar did a great job with Petra pro movers. They were helpful and efficient and I would highly recommend them for moving through Safe ship moving services."
Mariette Woestemeyer
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"I was actually surprised how well the move went. Plymouth Moving picked up my belongings on a Thursday in Colorado and delivered them the next afternoon in California. Amazing! The men who delivered were very nice and efficient. I am very pleased with the service."
Natalya Semiletova​
Excellent Job!​
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“Fast and well organized pick up and delivery. Good job with load and unload. Will use this company again. Responsive and polite customer service. Update on delivery and pick up came on time. Would recommend this business to my friends.”
Dara Robe​
Thanks Safe Ship​
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“Thanks safe ship , We used this company to move from MA to CA and we were so pleased. The booking process was great, pricing was fair and reasonable, and no problem booking in advance. The actual movers were great! They were strong, efficient, polite to us and each other, and worked well together. I would definitely use them again, and highly recommend them. Thanks for recommending them."​
Aaron Morgan​
Very Pleased​
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"Very pleased. Safe ship have been very thorough the whole pick up. Benny with United National Movers showed up 1hr. early. He's very professional & easy going. The crew got right 2 work & did an excellent job packing the truck & repacking things 2 make it easier as well as work better fitting on the truck."​

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